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Online Maps

With more and more businesses implementing IoT, AI, and Big Data geospatial information is becoming the key enabler for this digital transformation. Now is the time to pave the way for better workflow automation and process management by adding spatial dimensions, and adding location context to your business applications.


A Complete Set of Map APIs and SDKs for Developers

Build smart, location-aware applications for multiple platforms with your own branding and no advertisements.


Build your next web or mobile mapping application via this REST API to provide your users with the most up to date maps. Display high-quality Raster or Vector map tiles at various zoom levels.

Reliable map data in 56 African countries & 170 + global countries with support for 70 + languages. 

  • Custom map styles that suit your company’s brand identity.
  •  Up-to-date maps with 2 billion monthly updates Highly detailed and accurate.


  • Detailed map building with reliable data to help your users find landmarks or points of interest in your city. The Maps API boasts a variety of functions with zoom, tilt and rotation.
  • Custom Map Styles with Map Styler which allows you to modify the colour, font and patterns to be in line with your brand identity
  • Tiles provided in vector format allows you to customise your map tiles and combine with your own data which can be easily integrated into a web or mobile application. Tiles are available in png or jpg format.
  • POI (Points of interest) Layer – Enhance your map by displaying points of interest that may have relevance to your users. You can access millions of points of interest and add corresponding icons or labels.

Routing API

Give your users reliable travel times when you build your routing application using the Online Routing API. Use live or historical traffic information when planning a route from point A to point B or any point in between. Calculate the fastest/shortest/alternative routes and add waypoints. The Online Routing API also supports batch routing and matrix routing requests.


  • Directions that are suited to your requirements, select from a variety of parameters such as vehicle type, traffic avoidance, departure time and freight type to calculate the most accurate route for your drivers
  • Improve the accuracy of your delivery time to avoid client frustrations with predictive and live traffic data
  • Optimise your driver dispatch with matrix routing and batch routing which can process up to 700 routes. Historical traffic data will ensure your vehicles leave at the best possible time to meet their ETAs and your company KPIs

Search API

The RESTful and geocoding API enables you to use single line fuzzy search and auto completion to search for addresses and/or points of interest (POI). Search for Petrol stations, landmarks, streets or ATMs.


  • Highly accurate geocoding for address validation and location intelligence which can be easily integrated into common web development libraries
  • Reverse Geocoding provides insight into accurate location information, speed profiles, estimated time of arrivals along routes with or without traffic and routes along roads from Origin to Destination. No service interruptions when maps are updated
  • POI (Points of Interest) Access to multiple points of interest across +595 categories with a variety of parameters to enable searches for: opening hours, photos, or price ranges, all for your users to discover
  • Search functionality allowing users to select a specific radius, search along route or search nearby

Traffic API

Display real time traffic flow or traffic incident information in your mapping application. Giving your users the ability to visualize the congestion level, traffic jams, type of road, blocked or closed roads with detailed information such as the length, delay, impacted street names and relative or estimated resolution of traffic jams.


  • Traffic flow provides an overview of the traffic conditions for road traffic management
  • Traffic incident reporter helps users avoid congestion created by roadworks or traffic accidents
  • Detailed traffic information such as duration of delay, type of delay and real-time average speed profiles

Geofencing API

Geofencing allows you to define perimeters based on the users current location to the locations that may be of interest. Create customisable GeoFences to highlight when your vehicles enter and leave specific areas. Giving your company the ability to know when to send delivery approximation notifications, record visitation periods etc.


  • GeoFences can be any size and complexity and have a client-specified ID for each
  •  GeoFences can belong to groups to allow clients to use certain sets of geofences for certain vehicles
  • You can manage GeoFences via an HTTP API which allows you to create them or view them with your own software

Map SDKs

Easily integrate maps into your web or mobile application using a convenient client library with fully stylized and easily customizable components. The Software Development Kits (SDK s) are available for Web, Android and iOS. Build convenient map location applications


  • Develop on the platform of your choice, quickly and conveniently add to your location applications
  • Free maps and traffic flow display when accessed from Maps SDKs for iOS or AndroidTM
  • Tutorials and toolkits with sample code are provided to help make developing as easy as possible. You don t have to be a coder!
  • Easily customise your app using the Map Styler to match your brands identity

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