Enhance your omnichannel approach with Geospatial Analytics

Geospatial data is imperative for retailers to survive the omnichannel era, providing a variety of insights such as consumer buying behaviour, demographic profiling and traffic stats which will significantly increase the success rate of your business.

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Traffic and Speed

Our traffic products offer highly granular information which provides hyper- targeted insights, allowing retailers to make better business decisions.

Understand your demographic profile potential, improve customer buying behaviour and improve your advertising budget spend. Query traffic data based on travel time, average speed and probe counts on certain segments of a road or area on a certain time of day or year.


  • Location intelligence provides dynamic map visualisation insights that reveal foot traffic, demographic grouping and customer buying behaviour.
  • These insights help retailers make the best possible decision for opening, closing or relocations of their stores
  • Out-of-home advertising optimization with real-time traffic data, financial insights and demographic profiling, improves your campaign ROI

OD/ Analysis [Origin Destination]

Helping businesses make informed decisions based on demographic movement.

Our partner TomTom’s Origin Destination Analysis analyses people’s trip patterns, providing insights into your current and potential target market’s movement patterns.

This is a self-service product that provides traffic insights derived from historical location data on speed, travel time and sample size. This product is accessed via the web application or via our developer’s APIs.

highly granular information which provides
hyper-targeted consumer insights