We have partnered with Airbus to provide our customers with the world’s largest satellite constellation, radar and optical sensors and resolutions ranging from 25cm to 22m.

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Land Cover Change:

See how land is being used and
how it changes over time

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Vegetation Health:

Detect change in crop health
and identify anomalies

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Estimate tree count, identify
tree stress and disease and
monitor harvesting.

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Asset Monitoring:

Large archive over time and
new imagery capture allow you
to see change over time.

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Track the progress of large
scale projects

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Border Security:

Monitor remote border regions for change detection

Providing global satellite imagery with a base map composed of:

  • SPOT 1.5 m imagery over Earth landmasses excepted Polar areas (bright and dark green in the image below);

  • Cloud cover: Cities up to 2%, World up to 5% Angle: Up to 20° Less than 1 year @ 90% confidence Cloud cover: Cities up to 10%, World up to 25% Angle: Up to 30° Less than 2 years @ 75% confidence
  • Pléiades 50 cm imagery over more than 3000 top cities (blue dots in the image below).


  • As a consequence, the source imagery could be SPOT 6/7 satellites or Pléiades
    satellites, or a combination of both. During the Basemap generation process, a record of which SPOT or Pléiades image each individual scene
    in the Basemap derives from is retained.
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Let us help you link different sets of data to geospatial data to improve your understanding of location aware business trends. With each data set, we provide a comprehensive set of release notes detailing changes to the content or data structure.


NAR (National Address Range)

Providing accurate street numbers without the need to maintain an address dictionary.


Cadastre NGI

Made query able in order to add value and intelligence to the set.


Administrative Boundaries

Offering all the administrative areas and geographical places in South Africa.

Intelligent fleet management and logistics solutions

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